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Ahmad Ranjbar


Consultant, with years of local and international work experience collaborating with private sectors and non-profit organizations. This includes:

  • Providing consultancy to entrepreneurs and small businesses regarding business start-up; exploring entrepreneurship ideas, developing business plans; identifying capital needs and sales requirements; developing entrepreneurship relations; and marketing strategies.

  • Conducting market research; developing collaboration in entrepreneurship projects with private sectors and small businesses; setting up trade deals and effective negotiations; coordinating multi-stakeholder eventss.

  • Assisting small businesses in design, development, and maintaining websites; troubleshooting of electronic systems; software installation and hardware maintenances.

Ahmad is capable of communicating in different languages other than English such as French, Turkish and Azerbaijani.


Parisa Pajouhesh


Consultant, with 20+ years of local and international work experience with a wide range of clients and partners in the public, private and non-profit organizations. This includes:

  • Community and Economic Development: using local resources in a way that enhances economic opportunities while improving social conditions in a sustainable way; involving in a process of building enterprises aiming for comprehensive sustainability with social, economic and environmental outcomes; improving entrepreneurship ideas and providing solutions to develop small enterprises in communities.

  • Market research and development: providing important information to identify and analyze the market needs, size and competition; providing strategy to develop new market.

  • Program Evaluation: developing and implementing strategies for monitoring and evaluating projects, programs, and policies.

  • Labour Market Analysis; analysis of supply and demand, and

  • Organizational development; policy research, analysis, and development.

Parisa is committed to serve her community with integrity and effectiveness.







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